Prayer is our way of talking with God.  Sometimes silently, sometimes out loud.  Sometimes it's asking for things (healing, patience, etc.), sometimes it's saying thanks for something (an answer to prayer, what Jesus has done for us, etc) and sometimes it's just being still and trying to listen to what God may be saying to us.  Prayers can be offered wherever we are, at any time of day.  Something to bear in mind is that we should have a balance in our prayer life, not just continually asking for what we want.

Monthly Prayer Meeting

On the first Saturday of each month, from 9:30 to 10am, a group meets in St Anne's Chapel, East Harling, to pray for our communities and the world!  You can offer your own prayers at this time or simply join in the prayers of others (by saying Amen).

Prayer Requests

There is a box in East Harling Church in which people can place prayer requests - it's available for anyone to use.


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